True Ghost Stories

When I was in elementary school I was really into reading “true” ghost stories. And these often kept me awake at night, and I would go into my parents’ room and tell them that I couldn’t sleep. I would blame it on a stomach ache, although I actually usually had one as well. So they got me tested for lactose intolerance by having me go to some place and chug a bunch of nasty sugar water. And it turned out that I had it. But after drinking gross lactaid milk for a while, I sort of forgot about being lactose intolerant and went back to normal. And since then, dairy has affected me in really minor ways, although rich ice cream has always been a problem.

Well, my stomach has been hurting a lot lately, and now I’m back to actually acting like I’m lactose intolerant. And the pain has stopped because of my change of diet and my use of lactaid pills before the occasional meal that consists of delicious cheese.

Anyways, the scariest book of supernatural stories that I read was called The Crystal Skull. NEVER read it! It’s scary! So scary that the book doesn’t seem to exist anymore. There’s no possible way that I mixed up the title. It was a children’s book filled with various stories that were supposed to be true. Not just about The Crystal Skull. That was just one of the stories.


About Bradley Sands

I am the author of Dodgeball High, Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You, Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy, and others.
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