Jonathan Hickman


In a way, I feel like  Jonathan Hickman is Grant Morrison’s successor in the comic world. Like how Grant Morrison was sort of Alan Moore’s successor. But while Morrison gets people who usually aren’t interested in superheroes to read his “mainstream” work, Hickman isn’t like that yet. He’s just one of the top authors at Marvel at the moment: one of the Marvel Universe’s current architects. And he also writes stuff for Image Comics, like The Manhattan Projects, which is great and completely insane.

I highly recommend his run on Fantastic Four. It’s the best thing of his that I’ve read. The reading order is really tricky if you don’t buy the omnibuses (it switches back and forth between Fantastic Four and FF). It starts with the limited series Dark Reign: Fantastic Four and here’s the rest of the order:

Anyways, the thing that inspired me to write this is that I’m currently rereading his runs on Avengers and New Avengers, which are related to one another. They’re still going on, and I was reading the issues as they were coming out, but I got super confused after a while because of all the details and my poor memory. It’s just the sort of comics that read better collected than in single issues (I’ve felt the same way about Morrison’s comics ever since Seven Soldiers).

Avengers and New Avengers are also very hit and miss, although New Avengers is the stronger one out of the two. They’re also occasionally difficult to understand, particularly because the characters who are brilliant scientists actually talk like brilliant scientists. And both of the runs start out strong as far as the first volumes of each series. But after that, the story occasionally progresses slowly, like a European art film, but with lots of explosions. It’s all the result of planning the story three years ahead before he started writing the issues (I assume he did something similar with his Fantastic Four run). And every issue works together to build up to the new Secret Wars, the new big crossover that features lands based on nearly every crossover event in the company’s history.

So check out his Avengers and New Avengers if you’re into Morrison, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, or are reading Secret Wars. But be patient with it. One collected volume might not thrill you, but another one is likely too. And the one that you felt so-so about will pay off in the long run.


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