I was obsessed with cult movies when I was in high school. I would drive all over Long Island to different video stores in order to offer clerks money for used VHS tapes. Stuff like Caligula ($40) and Herschell Gordon Lewis movies (with their huge boxes that were awesome and lurid). I would sometimes drive up to an hour to get to a store. I miss gas being cheaper.

Kim’s Video was probably my favorite place to go in NYC.

There was this one Tower Records near me that had a lot of Russ Meyer videos, but they were $80 a pop because he distributed them himself and maybe he was kind of greedy. But my kleptomaniac friend would steal one for me pretty much every time we went to the store until I had everything.

I did spend a lot of money there on stuff that wasn’t ridiculously priced, like books. It probably had the best selection of books that I’ve ever seen, like the stuff that Creation Books put out (although they usually fell apart). I think it appealed to me even more than Powell’s way later in my life (and that place is an entire block, I think). Whoever was buying the books had great taste.

Sadly, when I returned to the store after college, they barely had any books and they weren’t appealing at all. A bunch of years later and the place closed.


About Bradley Sands

I am the author of Dodgeball High, Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You, Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy, and others.
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3 Responses to VHS

  1. V. M. T says:

    You brought back some memories. I remember the first time I saw Caligula on VHS and I was so amazed by the fact there was so much excessive nudity.

    • Did you see the unrated porno version?

      • Manuel T. says:

        Oh shit! I never got a reply via email. It wasn’t until I commented on another wordpress writer’s post that it took me to the Subscription Management page and I saw a MULTITUDE responses.

        Yes. I definitely saw the unrated porno version. I still remember that fisting scene from the regular version.

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