I really like contemporary movies and music that are made to seem like they were created in the past rather than the present. This is significantly different from current movies and music that either take place in the past or is in the style of music from the past.

There’s this wonderful otherworldly quality to these sorts of things, particularly in movies that take place in the present but appear to have been created in this past. This is probably why Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 is my favorite horror movie despite most people hating it. House of the Devil is another great movie in this vein.

As for music, I like albums that sound like someone recorded a mix tape of pop music off the radio and it has just been rediscovered after rotting away in the attic for a couple of decades. Some people call this hypnogogic pop as far as music from the U.S. The musicians who I like the best are James Ferraro and Ariel Pink. The earlier albums of Ariel Pink sound so poorly recorded that they actually sound like they rotted in an attic. I much prefer his more recent albums because the recording quality is significantly better, but it’s very interesting to listen to the early songs because everything about them is fantastic except the quality. It’s like I’m being exposed to a beautiful artifact from an ancient civilization that’s in very poor quality. It’s like the albums that The Caretaker made out of recordings of ballroom music from the twenties and thirties, only Pink recorded it in what is probably the nineties and two thousands (and the diverse songs sound like they could have been radio staples anytime from the sixties until now).

While in England, musicians are doing their own version of hypnogogic pop: hauntology, which is a term that’s a lot more commonly used. The big label there is Ghost Box Records. Rather than making music inspired by American pop music, it’s more about library music and what the BBC Radiophonic Workshop was doing. My favorite musical project of theirs is The Advisory Circle, although my favorite album is Pye Corner Audio’s Sleep Games, which is frightening instrumental disco that’s been given the hauntology treatment. Perhaps Italo disco sort of stuff.


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I am the author of Dodgeball High, Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You, Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy, and others.
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  1. You might dig this video from Times New Viking: https://youtu.be/iQJvAXOohoU

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