I work as a freelance editor. If you’re interested in hiring me, contact me at bradleysands@gmail.com.

When editing, I will correct your errors and help to improve readability, content, and clarity. I also provide feedback on strengthening your manuscript. In addition, I offer proofreading services at a lower price.

I have over nine years of editing experience. Currently, I’m an editor for Eraserhead Press. In the past, I worked as the editor-in-chief of Bust Down the Door and Eat the Chickens, as an associate editor for Bombay Gin, and as an assistant editor for Weird Tales. I also received an MFA in Writing & Poetics from Naropa University.

Please view my CV here.


“When Eraserhead Press agreed to publish my fifth book, Hooray for Death!, I asked Bradley to take on the editorial role for the entire collection…Bradley brought crucial conceptual clarity to the entire project. The book is far better for his involvement. In each story he was able to grasp what I was trying to accomplish, even when I wasn’t sure myself. With his sharp ear for voice and language he found many places where I had been sloppy, or had simply neglected to notice an opportunity to do better. His critiques of my story logic were occasionally painful but always thoughtful and intelligent, never capricious or random. Through patience, respect and eloquence, Bradley helped me overcome my typical writer’s ego, convincing me to adopt changes that I now know to be major improvements. In short, I feel lucky that my book passed through Bradley’s hands, and I look forward to working with him on my next book. Every writer needs a good editor, and Bradley is the best I’ve found.” – Mykle Hansen, author of HELP! A Bear is Eating Me

“I’ve worked with enough editors to know that I don’t like working with most editors. Bradley is not only an exception to that. He is a dream to work with. Not only is he an excellent editor, he edits in a way that doesn’t change the author’s voice. He’s critical, but presents suggestions in a way that doesn’t anger the author. Not only that, but his prices are fair. He sets realistic timelines and normally beats them and is extremely professional in all of his communication both to me and the author. I highly recommend Bradley. I can’t say enough good things about him.” – Etienne DeForest,  owner / operator of Rooster Republic Press

“Bradley Sands is thorough, candid, timely, and highly knowledgeable about the mechanics of writing and the craft of writing stories.” –  Douglas Hackle, author