Have you read any of my books. Did you enjoy it? If so, I CAN USE YOUR HELP!!!

I’m a small press author. Since my publisher has a tiny marketing budget, I have to rely on word of mouth to sell my book. Without your support, only a few people will ever know about me.

There are tons of ways that you can assist me and I have nothing but appreciation for anybody who helps me to continue doing what I love. Here are some suggestions:

TALK TO YOUR FRIENDS about my book and give them a peek at it. Lend them your copy or perhaps give out copies as gifts. Direct them to this website.

TELL THEM WHERE TO GET THE BOOK. Although the book isn’t carried by most physical bookstores, it can be bought through online booksellers like Also, most bookstores will allow you to special order my books at their customer service desk.

And there’s even a chance that they can get it for free: many libraries allow their patrons to request books for them to order. And not only will this get my book into your friend’s hands, but it will also increase my number of potential readers.

WRITE A REVIEW. is the most popular online bookseller and it’s a great place to leave reviews of my books. Also, you can create a “Listmania” list or a “So You’d Like to…” guide, where you can list all the books that you think people who would like my book would be interested in. Check out a Listmania list that I made here.

Leave your reviews in many different places online. If you have blog, write an entry about the book. If you use facebook, send it as a bulletin or post it in your blog.

Leave reviews on the forums that you frequent. Even a short comment would be great. I would do this myself, but an author who is trying to promote their book never comes off as being very trustworthy.

And send your review to the media. If you or someone you know is involved in a newspaper, magazine, print zine, or webzine, see if you can include a review in it. Also, I’m always available for interviews.

LINKS. If you have a website, link to mine. Let me know and I will probably link you back. And you can also throw up my book’s banner and link to its page on my publisher’s website or to your favorite online bookseller. Here us a banner that you may use:

OTHER AUTHORS. And if you liked my book, you will probably also enjoy the books of the other bizarro authors. There are many talented writers involved in this literary movement and I recommend that you check them out.

Lastly, I love to hear from you and you’re always welcome to email me

I would like to thank Carlton Mellick III since many of these ideas originated from him.